Less than a week after releasing 2.3, someone discovered a bug when running the NEW subcommand. All wajig did was fall flat with an ugly exception, making this some sort of emergency release. Anyways, I already had some nice improvements, so I released those as well:

  • The INSTALL subcommand can now be given a mixture of filenames, .deb files, and normal package names, and will be able to install the packages specified. Previously, only one of these 3 types could be installed at a time.
  • Apparently the reasons I gave for removing the +++simulate and +++teaching (now renamed to +++teach) options in 2.3 weren't good enough, so I reinstated them.
  • The bash completer now completes both lower-case and upper-case subcommands, thanks to Reuben Thomas, an avid wajig user.
  • There's a few other changes, so here's the gory details.