Our friendly Debian developer agreed to upload yet another release of wajig to Debian.

  • This one is quite special since it now uses Python 3.
  • It also does automatic dependency installation for DEB files. This part of the work took me longer because python-apt doesn't exactly make it easy. I even had to look in the code to be sure what exactly is happening. I ended up using a mixture of dpkg (for installation of stated DEBs, and to configure them) and python-apt (for the automatic installation part).
  • The WHICHPACKAGE command, which displays which packages the given file path belongs to, got improved. It was using custom implementation which was broken for some uses, but there are available tools (dpkg --list for locally-installed packages and apt-file search for both local and remote packages) that do the job better, and I made use of them. These tools were probably not avaialable the time this feature was added to wajig.