update: after an unbearably-long downtime, I decided to make the switch, this time to Posterous (now-defunct).

As much as I love Tumblr, I got a few complaints:

  • performance for some tasks is really bad; the most annoying one is the time it takes for the Edit button to appear
  • search is real bad; often it doesn't find stuff I know is there; sometimes I have to re-run the search before seeing results
  • Pages: I can't use Markdown to edit them
  • Pages: I'm not presented with the Edit button at all; I instead have to do it via the Dashboard, then click Customize, then click Pages, then scroll and find the page I wanna edit!
  • horrible uptime

I'm not sure if these problems will be fixed (I've reported one bug, without any real feedback). The collective of these problems makes me wanna search for another blog host. The challenge with the move is doing the laborious internal re-linking over again.