update: The lack of reliability, worst of which was constant unavailability of my blog, led me to move on. This time it's Pelican, hosted by GitHub Pages. Here's the setup.

I've been meaning to move my blog(s) away from Posterous, due to its UI problems and ridiculously-slow page loads. I finally did it with the help of Calepin, which itself has a bunch of problems. These are forgivable since it's a Beta product:

  • The presentation is way too simple/plain, and doesn't provide a way to customise it.
  • I spent hours struggling with Dropbox login integration, where I often had to go to Chrome's Incognito mode, and at some point, had to delete my Dropbox account as well, just to get it to work.
  • It seems crazy that each time I want to publish I have to visit the web page to hit Publish, when Calepin should simply monitor the Dropbox account.
  • The blog is unreachable whenever I publish. This isn't such a big deal of course, but c'mon.
  • When hitting Publish, it takes way too long (several seconds) before the page is rendered on the blog.
  • ...and am sure there will be more as time goes (proven by the fact that this list kept growing as I typed this post)

Despite all these problems, it will have to do for now, until I find another host, and maybe this time I will have to spend some cash.

In the interest of balance, here's what attracted me.