The movie is so different from the first same-titled one from 1990 such that it cannot really be called a remake. It is not quite as interesting, and so are the lead actors (there is no Schwarzenegger or Sharon Stone), does not take place in Mars (sadly) and is a straight-forward thriller without any mind-fuck qualities the first one had. The action was really overlong, and had the too-many hero-luck moments, making it nearly unbearable towards the end.

Some nice technology ideas I have not seen before:

  • Necklace that allows one to change appearance; by the way, the guy the protagonist turns into gives a nice performance.
  • Transport that goes through center of the planet straight to the other side.
  • Small video cameras that attach themselves to surfaces, shot through a gun.

And some I have seen:

  • levitating cars (a few movies)
  • a machine that gives one convincing but fake memories (the first Total Recall)