It's bizarre in a way similar to The Triplets of Belleville and has some emotionally powerful moments.


  • the attack scene was quite painful; it's some of sort of reminder of the tough realities of the world
  • the character development of Ashley, the forest creature that helped the hero on a few occasions, was quite interesting; it was especially sad when her great strength was challenged by some evil creature of the same forest, especially when her form changed to express the pain
  • the general character design/development is quite good really; my favorites are the strict leader of the town and the fat guy
  • the cat is among the most charming characters I've seen in movie history

On the negative side, the movie is a little disturbing/unsettling (okay, that's not a negative), and is also sleep-inducing. I also couldn't get what the point of it was. Maybe it's kinda biblical, since it centers around some all-important book (and the lead character looks like Jesus when grown-up).