There was some serious weaknesses with the plot (e.g. the clone of Michael Clark Duncan was also a body builder, the two kids managed to outsmart highly trained adults, why the clones had to be conscious was merely brushed over). The action is too loud and frantic, as if the makers were concerned that the excitement wasn't enough. There's also way too much of it. The evilness of the guards wasn't believable. There's also the very annoying thing of the lead villain turning action guy near the end. So fucking silly.

All this shit is more annoying because of my love for the freshness of the material. Among the responsible is the 2 lead characters, played by Ewan McGregor and the beloved Scarlett Johansson. More freshness comes from each of the other clones. It's fun seeing seemingly-grown people be themselves (i.e. kids). Not so fresh, but Steve Buscemi provides some nice humor. The brutality he later on faces is sadly left unexplained.