A wonderful cast:

  • Meryl Streep is good as usual in the lead role, though I wasn't entirely satisfied with her portrayal of modern-day (frail) Margaret Thatcher.
  • The lady playing the young Margaret, Alexandra Roach, is amazing, and her performance the movie's most interesting. I'm even tempted to call it the movie's best, but am held back from that opinion given that it's pretty much carecatured.
  • The guy playing the modern day husband, Margaret's hallucination of a dead man, Jim Broadbent, offers nice and laid-back humor.

The direction is sophisticated and smooth, though there's too much focus on the modern-day Margaret, with so many flashbacks that it's just distracting. I also left the movie feeling like I still don't know enough about this 20th century giant. Perhaps the treatment was a little too humorous, and too soft, especially considering the great importance of the issues involved in Margaret Thatcher's reign as prime minister.