I do not remember watching a more extreme movie, in terms of (hard-to-watch) gore. The director also tried real hard to make the lead character as repulsive as possible, a character lucky enough to get a wonderful performance by Laurence R. Harvey (his first movie). Interestingly, this character cannot be blamed for the harms he inflicts on others, given he's mentally disturbed, complete with a rather unhappy toddler-hood. It's a pity three of the other characters were just lazily-developed, making them unconvincing:

  • Mommy was a cheap copy of the one in Precious. The story went too far by having her try to kill her own child, though the reaction of this child, the lead character, was super-kool... so damn oblivious to what just occurred. Did I mention I love this character?
  • The horny guy with a large beard should have been given more of a story. He is interesting, but his actions were just left unexplained... his sexual attraction to the lead character. It was also real stupid placing him near the workplace of this lead character.
  • The loud neighbor was too much of an ass-hole, going as far as assaulting the lead character for practically no reason. That was just stupid.

I though it was quite daring to include the pregnant woman among the victims. Worse still, her giving birth like that. Wow! Talk of pushing boundaries. Also, the movie may not be as fresh as its predecessor, but it's a lot better (direction, cinematography, acting).