I didn't watch the whole of this, the 3rd in the Narnia series. I just flipped through to ensure I wasn't missing anything of worth:

  • The watery dolphins were likely a homage to my favorite visual effects work this year, the sea god from the 2nd Narnia movie.
  • The lion looked better than on that predecessor, but not necessarily more realistic.
  • The water effects near the end of the movie, where it forms a wall-like effect, are amazing. This is some of the best water work ever.
  • My favorite visual effects work is the sea serpent. It's an equivalent of the Kraken (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest). As was the case with the sea god, this was an interesting departure from the series' obsession with bad character design.

I am not going to withstand the pain of watching the entire movie though. I've suffered enough the with two predecessors.