Robert Downey Jr. is a lot of fun to watch, and Stephen Fry plays the most interesting character in the movie. I also enjoyed Jared Harris, whose villain character offers superb rivalry with that of the lead. It's my most favorite of his performances (though I wish his character didn't sing). Also, I have never seen Kelly Reilly this desirable. The visual effects are at times eye-popping (see the escape from the military). It's fun watching Sherlock do his impossible deductions.

Some tiny problems:

  • This may be a fantasy, but the action is too unrealistic.
  • Jude Law is not so interesting, and felt a bit miscast.
  • The gypsy sister kept hanging around seemingly without much purpose really, and the story involving her and her brother is not so interesting.

I enjoyed the movie a lot better than its predecessor, and it's even better on a revisit.