Continuing on a work project I mentioned months ago, I had a failure related to cross-building pnet, a library I was using to get network interfaces. As a side note, the fault was in the build process, not the crate itself. I tried a few others as replacement:

  • getaddrs can't find ip address, and it's abandoned according to the author, in favor of nix crate

  • interfaces also fails to cross build, and I forgot that I actually tried it before, and was the reason I moved to pnet in the first place

  • systemstat works, and I already use it for a few things:

    • load average
    • memory usage
    • uptime

    So, that's one less dependency, though I do wish this functionality was available from a more pleasant API... systemstat is ugly.

As a general note, I wish more people took the effort to state in the README if their software is abandoned, perhaps with mentions of alternatives.