We need more quality code reviews like this one for ripgrep.

I used reqwest for the first time, and was made sad because using HTTP headers is as hard as doing the same for hyper, especially given that this is supposed to be a more easy library:

::: {.sourcecode} Rust

let mut auth_bearer = Headers::new(); headers.set( Authorization ( Bearer { token: "some token", } ) ); let mut client = reqwest::Client::new(); client.get("example.com").headers(auth_bearer).send(); :::

It can imagine a more nice API:

::: {.sourcecode} Rust

let client = reqwest::Client::new(); let auth_bearer = reqwest::Header::Bearer::new("some token"); client.get("example.com").header(auth_bearer).send(); :::

I did not think much about this, so maybe there are issues with the desired.

Just one contribution this time.