This is the first of what I intend to be a weekly series of posts related to my favorite programming language. I here take Rust weeks to begin each Friday, since Stable releases of the Rust distribution (language and included libraries) are to be released on that week day. This is also a great excuse to write more regularly.

  • I read a high quality post titled Rust ownership, the hard way. I learned quite a bit going through it, like the meaning of #[derive(Clone, Copy)], which I see a lot but never knew what it meant. I also learned that there are 7 ways to introduce a variable binding (taking foo as the name of that binding):

    let foo ...
    for foo in ... (for loop)
    foo => ... (match block)
    if let foo = ... (if block)
    while let foo = ... (while loop)
    fn func(foo: ... (function argument)
    | foo | ... (closure argument)
  • I submitted some documentation improvements. The latter one was especially time-consuming, but it helped me explore the std::path module. It even led me to bump onto a rustdoc bug.