Basic Instinct has nothing of value to say and there's no way the scriptwriter thought she did a good job, unless something got really fucked during production. It's even worse than the rather entertaining and overly passive Are We There Yet, if for no reason but those charming kids.

There's much to celebrate in 2 Weeks' Notice, perhaps the first movie in which I enjoyed Sandra Bullock's peformance. It actually a pretty smart movie, among the few romantic comedies I enjoyed, but, as could be expected from such fare, a really fucked-up and overly-common ending.

The best of this bunch happens to be Hairspray, a carefully-made anti-prejudice movie, perhaps the most enchanting movie that ever attempted such a subject. Special note goes to John Travolta who gives the movie's most delightful performance, despite also taking part in its dullest moment, that in which she dances with the husband character played by Christopher Walken, who himself is taking uninteresting roles as time passes.