This is the most extensive Director's Cut I've seen yet. There is so much that is different:

  • Most regretful is the absence of the Kris Kristofferson character, whose role of head of The Outfit is replaced by a female voice. This itself isn't so bad, if we ignore that Kris was amazing to watch, most especially the moment he first appeared on screen (amazing direction).
  • There is one moment of domestic abuse that is rather hard to swallow. I thought it was quite daring (and surprising), especially because a character we are supposed to like is the perpetrator. This moment alone makes it understandable why it was edited out.
  • The ending is a lot different and more involved (and perhaps a bit over-the-top), but superior overall.
  • Two of the bodyguards were totally removed from the original cut, which is rather sad for they given wonderful performances (they look mean as fuck). I am referring to the two who drive the Val Resnick character about.
  • I could be wrong, but I felt like there were more shots of the city's environment, which makes me appreciate the great production design both movies display. Wonderful.
  • The first scene from the earlier movie, the one in which Potter is getting bullets removed from his body, is missing. It's among my favorite scenes, and displays very well the darkness the movie explores, complete with a curious medical practitioner.
  • The lead character's voice-over is missing, and was actually quite good. This version proves it wasn't essential though.

Overall, I find the earlier release superior, but not by a big margin.