I remember watching this one quite long ago, perhaps less than the age of ten. It was heavily entrenched in my mind due to its powerful imagery (full-frontal nudity; sex; beatings). That was porn for me, at the age when I wasn't exposed to much. Revisiting it after all these years is quite an experience. The imagery is still arresting, and the story powerful. Oh, and there's some hot and happening gals within.


  • The theme of extreme oppression, both of women and of black people, is very well done
  • Decent production design
  • Decent acting
  • The lady playing the jealous wife is amazing, both her performance and her desirability levels
  • It feels realistic (as if I know!)
  • Did u see the first gal the young slave-master screwed!
  • Young slave-master's regular black fuck (I thought it was Angela Bassett) was pretty too, though rather skinny


  • ummm... is there any?

One interesting thing is that the plight of the the jealous wife saddened me more than that of the slaves. I don't know if this was deliberate by the writer or director, but I cared more for her than for the slaves, even though they got even shittier treatment.