One of the most entertaining I have seen yet, I couldn't get enough of it since I've done numerous repeats of my favorite scenes. It's a showcase of tremendous (albeit underutilized) talent, but there's also many scenes and characters which should have been excluded. Anyways, much of what one sees in here is simply stuff of dreams. Example: we have a man catching a speeding bullet with great ease, a very unsuspecting man at that, and dressed in pyjamas and the cheapest of sandals, and a man who soon meets his match... I don't know if gets more exciting than that.

Sadly, the movie is very uneven (there are both very badly-made and very well-made parts), and looks like it suppers from a low budget. The good parts:

  • The grand entrance of the world's top killer, complete with the bullet moment, the opening of the wall, and the conversation he enjoys before starting a fight the couple. His is the most interesting performance (and character) in the whole movie.
  • The moments involving the musical killers. The concept is brilliant and very fresh, and the characters are very interesting, especially the blind one.
  • I loved the performance of the guy playing the elastic master. He was not the sort you'd take seriously (ever so drunk, and grinning like he was abnormal), but that perception would quickly change when he was forced to get violent.
  • Of the three warriors in the poor part of town, Pig Sty Alley, I loved the food maker and the dressmaker. Of these, the dressmaker was the most interesting, while also giving the best performance. Looks out for the brief moment when they spar together before parting. Beautiful. You will wish there was more of a backstory to these characters.