The visual effects of Knowing are top-class, and the story is interesting initially, but the pacing tends to be overly-slow, especially with the boring daughter of the 'possessed' woman (a bad and unbearable performance). We also got some boring aliens, and the whole thing turns out to be seriously idiotic (think Close Encounters of the Third Kind, itself a better movie). It's unbelievable. Nicolas Cage also shows the limits of his talent, especially near the end. The kids are boring too. The alien space-ship, an obvious inspiration from Dark City visual look (a movie made by the same director) leaves nothing to admire, evne though it's entrance is given the grand and wondrous treament of traditional Hollywood, complete with a loud score and childlike "wow" of the onlooker. It's a bad movie, but is gorgeously-shot, and each of the action-pieces, all 4 disaster points (plane crash, train-smach, truck hit, and armageddon) are all worthy of repeat viewing, and hence, admiration.

I don't remember a movie that happens to be so okay but crumbles so hard on revelation of its plot, which in this case happens at the end. What a mess! Or, there's even paradise, and nobody explains why the hell the seemingly advanced aliens aren't saving more people. It's so stupid. Strangely this is a revisit, but I forgot these horrid factors.