The best superhero movie made so far, I was amazed it held its entertainment value after a few revisits.

The good:

  • The relaxed and superb performance of Robert Downey, Jr.
  • The charming performance of Gwyneth Paltrow
  • The unique performance of Clark Gregg
  • The great designs of the Iron Man suit, and all related visual effects
  • The laid-back humor; the first scene is the best example

The bad:

  • None of the villains are any interesting
  • I wish the main villain had a bit of practice before managing to use the giant suit with such competence
  • The hero manages to fool his captors of what he's building for a long time, especially given that he's under camera surveillance
  • He also survives way too much physical pounding

You'll wish the filmmakers would invest as much in plausibility and common sense as in the gorgeous suit on display here.

I really hated these bad things on the first revisit, but they were easy to overlook this time around. The good stuff managed to distract me well enough.