Anything not listed below is either stuff I take for granted or simply missed:

  • reStructuredText support is mandatory. It's the only markup language I like.
  • Landing Page should be an Archives View (Post title and date) or a subset (i.e. Recent Posts). I would not mind if the latest Post or the About Page were displayed, so long as they are followed by this Archives View.
  • Categories should be determined by directory into which a file (the raw material for a Post) is placed. Specifying this in the metadata section of the file should of course take precedence.
  • Publish date should never be placed at the bottom of a Post. It is too important a piece metadata to treat this way.
  • An option to have clean URLs (i.e. trailing .html removed).
  • Date-based directory structure should not be mandatory (unlike with Tinkerer).
  • Inline literals and literal blocks (for code) should be distinguished by background colour; using a different font is just not good enough.
  • Tags (and maybe Categories) should be displayed on each post.
  • Blogofile has a strange requirement of having post headers be YAML format. Maybe there's a good reason, but I want my generator to not require anything special in file contents.
  • Ability to determine Publish date from file mtime.


  • Ability to combine multiple tags.
  • Ability to show posts linking to current one, but I'm not sure how useful this would be though.
  • A feed icon that is visible from the main page (and maybe Category pages).