So these guys at BMW Bavarian East Pretoria (it has since been closed), a motorbike dealership, got me impressed with their great customer service. The standard procedure is to lend customers a bike for a few hours to use during the day, which normally happens when one takes the bike in for service. My F650CS was giving me some trouble which actually perplexed them for more than those few hours... a few weeks actually.

So why I says they rock:

  • I wasn't charged for the extra (perhaps dozens) hours of labour.
  • I was lent a bike (actually 3, since the troubleshooting went for so long that they needed to sell 2 of those bikes in the meanwhile).
  • Not sure if I should call this negligence, but there seems to be some deep trust these guys have for their customers, because no one cared to check if I could ride the variety of bikes they lent me. That's gorgeous, especially considering that one of the bikes they lent me was the superhot BMW F800S.

Of course there is also the element of them encouraging loyalty, but this still goes beyond the normal "customer is king" routine.