Following are tools I use a lot, but am not necessarily loving... There is a separate post for those.


  • Debian: my primary OS, and also my favorite
  • dwm: simple and clean window management
  • tmux: amazingly powerful, though I wish it had less rendering bugs
  • Emacs: pleasant text editing and file management
  • fish: compared to mighty Bash, it is far more pretty, and has a far better command completion system

software development

  • cargo: primary tool for Rust development
  • Git: this one has won the mindshare
  • Mercurial: slight preference over Git


Out infrastructure is made up of remote machines that ferry data to central servers

  • Docker & Docker Compose: each component of the server runs in a container
  • SaltStack: administers the remote machines
  • VirtualBox: these remotes can be virtual... great for testing
  • journalctl & systemctl: these remotes run systemd
  • Elasticsearch: the data store
  • Ubuntu: the OS running these remotes, and the server
  • Bash: default shell on Ubuntu, this one can hardly be avoided

GUI applications

  • Xfce Terminal
  • Firefox
  • Transmission: the only torrent client I have ever used
  • Nautilus: decent GUI file manager

network diagnosis

  • vnstat: nifty network usage viewer
  • ping: checks general reachability
  • mtr: interactive traceroute tool
  • netcat: for checking if tcp ports are reachable


  • Quod Libet: audio player
  • VLC: user interface could be a lot better

miscellaneous tools

  • wajig: acts as pleasant front-end to apt and other package management tools; I used to maintain it, and it happens to be the one Debian package that makes me a Debian Maintainer (I got upload access for it)
  • apt: Debian package management
  • head and tail: included in GNU coreutils suite of tools
  • OpenSSH: duh!
  • Sudo: another duh!
  • youtube-dl: I prefer watching videos locally, with VLC
  • Iotop: nifty I/O usage viewer
  • ripgrep: a more pleasant grep
  • exa: a more pleasant, more pretty ls
  • bat: a more pleasant, more fancy cat, which also supplants less