The nightmarish way of life portrayed here is about as dark as it gets. The performances are great and so are the characters:

  • The lady that can't speak English is touching; I also loved the nurse
  • Character played by Clive Owen is relentlessly heroic
  • The pregnant lady is charming, and is the most interesting in the movie; she's played by Clare-Hope Ashitey
  • The Julianne Moore freedom fighter is wonderful, and is given the usual excellent performance the actor is know for

The only character I could have done without is that played by Michael Caine. He felt recycled, and was somewhat not believable. It was still heartbreaking when he had to meet his killers though.

The movie features some of the best battle scenes I've seen, a fact made more impressive due to the fact this isn't a war movie. The direction is also about as good as it gets. The story is quite unusual and unpredictable, which gives the whole thing a fresh feeling. I still wish there was more of an explanation of what the fuck fucked UK so bad.