On 2015-12-14, I got me the UX305. It's the base level model in the range, with 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, an FHD screen, and Intel Core M CPU (M-5Y10c). It it great value at R10k ($600 in USA), so it didn't feel too much of an indulgence, given I still have the Vaio Pro 13.

Like the older laptop, I had to change 2 lines in /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf:

defaults.ctl.card 1
defaults.pcm.card 1

What makes the Vaio Pro 13 better:

  • The charger does not have a USB charging port
  • The laptop is less pretty (so boring), and I'm not a fan of the purple look
  • The power button is not a button, but one of the keys on the keyboard, which makes it too easy to press by mistake... happened to me a few times
  • The Insert key is hidden behind the Fn key, which is awkward since I use the Ctrl+Shift+Insert combo to (middle-)paste
  • The SD card slot is not full-depth, so you will see the SD card (adaptor) protrude from the side
  • I'm used to the charging port being on the left
  • No keyboard back-light
  • The SSD is not as fast, and so is the CPU

Given all above, this is overall a better laptop:

  • No (noisy) fan
  • Gentle corners (though a bit too gentle, making this a less pretty laptop)
  • Power consumption is very low, and I could easily get 8 hours of battery life with a moderate workload
  • I loves the touchpad: it's more smooth and large
  • The keyboard also feels a lot better; it's such pleasure to use!
  • The body is also a lot more rigid, so no annoying flexibility at the bottom of the touchpad. The rigidity also ensures that there are no keyboard marks on the screen.