I only watched this one because it was said to be an inspiration (ripped-off) for the underrated Showgirls, and it certainly is. So much of the story crept through (young and ambitious blood taking over from the established; lawyers of the established getting involved; much conniving involved in the process; etc). Luckily I did enjoy this one throughout, which is quite a rare thing for a movie so old. But, the movie is waaay overrated. WTF!


  • gorgeous gals: Marilyn Monroe playing a small part of a young gal trying to make it as an actor and Bette Davis playing the established actor
  • nice dialogue here and there


  • shitty (unconvincing) performance by the gal playing the title character, Eve
  • another shitty performance by the gal who introduces Eve to the established
  • stagey direction, as is common with movies this old; and we are supposed to take these characters seriously?