Not such a great year at the movies, even worse than last year, though I think I also watched a lot less movies. Luckily there's two excellent ones, the best being In Bruges. It also boasts the year's best direction, cinematography, and script/dialog. The other excellent movie is Redbelt.


Cleanskin has the best action, while Man of Steel has the best action sequence, the first battle with second-in-command of Zod. The movie also has the best visual effects, followed by Elysium.


My favorite performance is that of Tom Towles playing Otis in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Runner-up is the hypnotized lady in Now You See Me, followed by Michael Parks in Django Unchained. The best male performance is by Chiwetel Ejiofor as an instructor in Redbelt, while the best female performance is by Charlotte Rampling in Cleanskin.


My favorite character is the honorable martial arts instructor in Redbelt, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. The most desirable gal is the love interest in In Bruges.

The best character design is the fearsome The Missionary in Silent Hill: Revelation, followed by the bizarre floating giants in MirrorMask.


The most important movie is The Thaw due to its well-delivered story, which is related to the consequences of global warming. Runner-up is Seven Psychopaths due to its stance on homophobia and interracial relationships. There is a tie for the most bizarre movie: Cloud Atlas and MirrorMask.

The most innovative movie is the satirical Goodbye Uncle Tom: it's shot like a documentary in which the makers travel to a particularly horrid moment in United States history, yet treating it with humor... very daring.

The title for best 'old' movie experience goes to Payback. This a title for a movie I've seen before this year. A special mention should go to the Director's Cut version, which I saw first time in