The best movie I have seen this year is Precious, and runner-up is Somewhere. The year's greatest spectacle, however, is Inception, followed by The A-Team. The best direction is Precious, followed by a tie between Brooklyn's Finest and Somewhere.


The best cinematography can be seen in An Education, followed by The Social Network. The best visual effects can be seen in Inception, and the best production design can be seen in Death At A Funeral... the interior of that home is wonderful. The best editing can be seen in The Kite Runner. The best opening credits sequence is in Up in the Air, followed by An Education.


The best adventure movie is Prince of Persia, the best horror, Call Back, and the most painful, Precious, followed by The Magdalene Sisters. The funniest is Get Smart, and most enchanting is Alice In Wonderland. The best action direction is in Takers.

The best script/dialogue is a tie between Memento and Precious, followed by The Social Network. The best narration can be found in the most bizarre movie of the year, Sita Sings the Blues. There was nothing more moody than Anamorph.

The best sound is a tie between Up in the Air and Somewhere.

acting & characters

There were so many enjoyable performances this year that I couln't clearly decide who was better than who, and here's an attempt:

The year's most favorite performance is that of Jesse Eisenberg in (The Social Network), followed by:

  1. a tie between Stanley Tucci & Patricia Clarkson (Easy A); Amina Robinson's scarface, Xosha Roquemore's never-serious classmate, Chyna Layne's Jamaican classmate (Precious)
  2. Ron Perlman (The Job)
  3. homo guy (Woman On Top); John Cleese (Spud); friend (Lottery Ticket)

In the category of best male performance, Guy Pearce (Memento) ties with Woody Harrelson (The Messenger).

As for best female performance, many would consider this heresy, but I find that Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice ties with Mo'Nique in [Precious][1]. Runner-up is Carrie-Anne Moss in Memento, her best performance so far.

The sole winner in the category of character development is Precious, with classmates, the teacher's lover, and the mother (Mo'Nique).

My most favorite character is the admirable Nelson Mandela (played by Morgan Freeman) in (Invictus). Runner-up is Rosalind Pike's superbly gorgeous but dumb-ass blonde in (An Education).

The best child performance was by the girl palying the daughter in (Somewhere), followed by title character in Spud.

The best cast can be found in Precious. It also so happens to be the best cast of any movie I've seen yet. Amazing shit right there. Runner-up is the cast of An Education, followed by that of Calendar Girls.

The best cast of children can be found in Spud, while the year's best villain is that played by Mo'Nique in Precious. Here's the runner-ups:

  1. Hades (Clash of the Titans) -- also the year's most fearsome
  2. tough and smart shooter (The A-Team)

The most desirable gal is cheat, having multiple characters. It's the classmates in Precious, best of which is scarface. Oh man, why do people have to look and be like her. Damn!

Here's the follow-ups:

  1. Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air) and Lois character (Superman)
  2. lover (Last Tango in Paris); Maggie Gyllenhaal (Crazy Heart)
  3. bride (Mamma Mia); huge eyes (Outsourced)
  4. police lady (Holy Water)

The most miserable character was that of Philip Seymour Hoffman in Synecdoche, New York, which isn't very surpsring since such characters are his trademark. He's followed very closely by Marlon Brando's in the disturbing Last Tango in Paris.

The best character design is the bizarre cyborg trio in Afro Samurai: Resurrection, followed by Hades, the villain in Clash of the Titans.

The most charming character is the cat in Secret of Kells. Also, its eyes reminds me too much of a gal I intensely obsessed over some years ago.

The most perfect gentleman is hubby to Julia (Julie & Julia), played by Stanley Tucci. Runner-up is the oh-so-perfect groom character in Our Family Wedding.

The koolest guy is Mark Wahlberg's in Date Night, followed by Justin Timberlake's in The Social Network.

The best character development ever for a nerd can be found in Shopgirl, in a form of an inept lover. As for this year, this is followed by the schoolboy in An Education. As is so common, both character's shortcomings involve girls.

Here's a list of most painful/touching scene:

  1. strapped with bombs (The Hurt Locker)
  2. death by insulin (Memento)
  3. hate for a dead wife (Last Tango in Paris) -- leads one sympathising with the otherwise unpleasant character
  4. expression of love between cop and prostitute (Brooklyn's Finest)

The best dance scene is the dark, yet enchanting puppet mastery sequence in Chicago. The best sci-fi set is the white ship interior in Resident Evil Afterlife, the best warfare is in Centurion, the best story concept is in Memento, followed by Inception.

Each repeat of a movie is a different experience, hence this category of best first-time viewing experience. This year, it is won by Iron Man 2, which failed on the rewatch value department. Runner-up is the masterful Precious.

'old' movies

This section is meant to give a chance to movies I have watched before this year to appear in this review, for one reason or another.

Of those, the best experience was offered by Smokin' Aces, which has now been elevated to a masterpiece. Runner-up is Reservoir Dogs, which remains fresh and exciting after all these years... a rare quality for a movie indeed.

The fall from glory award goes to:

  1. Se7en - lost its juice on this revisit
  2. Malcolm X - I considered this a masterpiece at some point
  3. Human Nature - same as above


The most boring movie this year is A Brighter Summer Day, followed by Afterwards (no pun intended). The most overrated movie is Shane (dull and lame), followed by Up, which doesn't live anywhere near the high expectations worthy of animated movies of its stature. The most overrated villain is Jack Nicholson as The Joker in Batman. WTF!

these and these:

100 Girls; Accidental Husband, The; Agora; Alien Hunter; Annie Hall; Armored; Asterix at the Olympic Games; Blood and Chocolate; Canadian Bacon; Centurion; Code, The; Coraline; Crank; Dirty Dancing; Dog Day Afternoon; DragonBall Evolution; Elsewhere; Final, The; First Sunday; Freedom Writers; From Paris With Love; Ghosts of Girlfriends Past; Green Zone, The; Hangover, The; Hot Tub Time Machine; How to Make Love To A Woman; Johnny English; Kick-Ass; Knight And Day; Marmaduke; Men Who Stare at Goats, The; My Name is Khan; A Nightmare On Elm Street; Ninja Assassin; Outsourced; Pistol Opera; Predators; Primer; Princess and the Frog; Public Enemies; Redsands; Sex and Death 101; Sherlock Holmes; Spirit, The; Stuart Little (1, 2); Taking of Pelham 123; Tourist, The; Twilight Saga -- Eclipse; Ultimate Gift, The; The Unborn; Up; Wall Street; War, Inc; What Doesn't Kill You; World's Greatest Dad; Smokin' Aces 2; The Expendables; August Rush; Karate Kid; Skin